Boost your company's transformation

Tim is a corporate crowdfunding platform which boosts employee engagement around their company's transformation

Allowing each employee to take ownership of their company's transformation

Tim  allows employees to crowdfund their transformation projects to colleagues, using a budget that is distributed on the platform by the top management.

 🎯The goal: to generate a multitude of small transformations driven by employee communities

✊ Engagement

Thanks to bottom-up and employee  empowerment.

💨 Speed

A global budget is unlocked beforehand : do the process once, for multiple projects !

🤝 Collaboration

Budget contribution brings a new way to get involved in other department's projects.

🔒 Trust

Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain, the top management is committed to following the approach to the end. 

How does it work ?


Deploying Tim in my company

⏲️ Fast

Nothing to install : Tim is a cloud based application.

Rien à installer : Tim est une application cloud.

🖌️ Customizeable

Your colors, your logo.




5,900€ set up fees

100 users

⚙️ Maintenance 

🎨 Customization : 2 colors and a logo

2 000 users

🎨 Customization : 2 colors and a logo

🌍 Plateform available in two languages




5,900€ set up fees

⚙️ Maintenance

Unlimited users

🎨 Customization : 2 colors and a logo

🌍 Plateform available in two languages



5,900€ set up fees

⚙️ Maintenance 

Our clients

Large  manufacturing company

Large luxury company

French Ministry


Tim is a Blockchain Partner brand, French leader in blockchain technology support


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